Steora smart bench dashboard on the laptop screen
24/7 control
Any time, any place

Steora's dashboard is actually the brain of the bench. Once they purchase Steora, our customers get their personal profile on Include's web based dashboard. At any time, from any location, Steora owners can get fresh data feed from their benches, and learn about their status. This is a feature that makes Steora smart bench more advanced than any other similar product on the market.

Our dashboard is recognized by global companies that are using our advanced technology or implementing parts of our dashboard inside their own tracking systems.
Smart bench dashboard used for data analysis
Solar bench web platform for data collecting
Dashboard Performance

Overview of all locations where Steora benches are installed.

Reporting information on the number of charged devices.

Reporting information on the number of WiFi users and their internet consumption.

Remote control of internet access (including changing passwords).

Remote control of ambient lights and charging signal lights (including setting times to turn the lights on and off automatically).

Providing weather info like a mini meteo station (measuring humidity, temperature, and precipitation in the area).